Hello, Healthy Vacation!

18 Jul


It’s the middle of summer and you have some amazing vacation plans ahead of you.   You’ve got your clothes, your gear, and all of your excursions planned – but do you have a plan for staying on track with your healthy lifestyle?   A lot of people think you can’t have fun AND maintain your eating/activity plan at the same time.   This is simply not true!

Here are some simple tips to avoid vacation weight gain that won’t take away from your awesome experience:

  1.  Take Advantage of your Tech | In today’s tech driven world, we have access to information about great dining options anywhere. Take advantage of Yelp or TripAdvisor to seek out healthy eats when you travel. You’ll get a unique local experience without the guilt.
  2. Keep Active |  Ask your hotel or plan ahead to have hiking or running trail maps with you.   If it’s raining, go to the local malls and walk around.  Hotel have a pool?   Go out and enjoy a few laps!   Hotel near the ocean  –  how about a brisk walk or jog on the beach?   Ask the hotel concierge if they have bicycles to rent or where the nearest place is that you can rent one; cycling is a great way to check out the sights without having to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic, and you’ll burn a few calories in the process.  TRAVEL IN YOUR SNEAKERS AND PACK THAT MAGIC CIRCLE!  What is this magic circle?
  3. Speaking of that Hotel, try to book one with a Kitchenette | That way you can cook some of your meals — at least breakfast — and have more control over what you eat.
  4. Keep Healthy Snacks with You | Don’t be tempted to hit the nearest street cart or fast food joint when you’re out sightseeing.  Carry protein bars, trail mix, and/or small fruits like apples or bananas so you’re never waiting too long to get your next meal.
  5. Plan Your Indulgences | There really wouldn’t be a point to vacation without a few indulgences, right?  But let’s try not to get too far off the rails.   Plan two meals each day that are healthy and on target (breakfast and lunch are much easier to control with eggs, fruit, yogurt and salads).  Then for dinner, sample that incredible local spot you saw on Yelp and enjoy a nice drink!
  6. Limit Sugary/Creamy Drinks |  You like Piña Coladas?  Well, they don’t like you.  Of course, part of kicking back on vacation is having a few libations, but an eight-ounce PC can have as much as 450 calories and 18 grams of fat. Always drink in moderation, and opt for things like light beer or liquor blended with non-sugar mixers such as soda water, instead of tonic or soft drinks.

Remember:  Vacationing is about fun, memories, seeing all the sights and enjoying the world around you;  there’s a lot more to it than just food.  If you go to Paris, for example, you’re absolutely going to want to enjoy the exquisite cuisine, but make sure meals don’t become the main attraction!

Here’s to a happy, healthy summer!

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