Zero Excuses: How to Stick to Your Workout!

25 Jul

accountabilityWe all know how difficult it is to get up every morning or off of work every evening, or even just find that few minutes to yourself to complete a workout routine.   You’re tired, you had a long day, it’s too early, it’s too late… the list of excuses can go on and on.   Yet, for those that do find the motivation to get through a workout – you know how great you feel afterwards – it’s totally worth it!   Completing a workout is hardly the issue, it’s simply starting it in the first place.   Thankfully, there are a few really easy life hacks that you can use to make sure you stay fit and healthy and get that amazing workout in!   Here are some good tricks that I’ve developed that keep me motivated to get to the Studio, no matter what kinds of excuses I can muster:

  1.  FIND A BUDDY!  “Accountabilibuddies” are key to get me out of my house and into a class.  Look at all those other folks that you see in the same classes every day – they need you too!  Whether it’s one great support buddy or a class full, you need them as much as they need you.   Don’t let each other down!
  2. PUT MONEY DOWN!   Whether you’re at a private studio like Pilates X or your local gym, you’ve paid good money for the privilege to be able to go there and keep yourself fit.   Don’t waste it!
  3. SOCIALIZE YOUR GOALS!   Post it on Facebook or Instagram!  Shout it to the world!  “I’m going to cardio and pilates for 4 days this week!  Wish me luck!”   You’ll be surprised at the support you can garner  – it keeps you accountable AND you get a ton of support along the way to keep you going.
  4. SEE IT.  FEEL IT.  BE IT.  We all know this mantra – and if you don’t, commit it to memory!  The best part of exercise is that we get to SEE the results.  We get to FEEL the results.  Our bodies tell us how happy they are with us (some muscle pain here and there, a few inches off of that waistline, long and lean sculpted arms, etc). Looking in the mirror at our fit selves becomes an affirmation of our hard work and dedication, not a chore or disappointment.  BE IT.

Do you have any tricks that keep you motivated to stick to your workout routine?   Share with us in the comments!   Every bit helps!

Always remember, you’re not doing this alone.  It isn’t easy, but that’s what makes it worth doing.

PX Studio


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