Everyday Calorie Burn Made Easy!

15 Aug

keepcalmandburncaloriesHere we are already – middle of August.  Kids are going back to school and we’re getting back to our routines… right?   It’s a common thought that when school starts, parents have more free time.  While that may be the case some of the time, we know the reality of this can be a little more difficult.   Transportation, after school activities, homework, meals, and conferences (to name just a few things) can hamper a steady workout routine.

You do the best you can – and knowing how awesome you are, you probably still make it to the Studio at least 2-3 times a week.  But what about that in between time?   Here are just a few little ways to exercise and burn more calories without taking up any more time to actually workout!  

Work while you prepare for your day.
Brushing your teeth or your hair? Putting makeup on? It’s so easy to turn these daily rituals into low-key workouts. Stand on one leg while you do them! If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even try some squats. Two minutes of teeth brushing + two minutes of squats = an estimated 11 calories burned.

Power walk everywhere.
Pick up the pace while walking can do a lot. Five minutes at a slow pace will burn about 13 calories, while the same amount of time at a brisk pace will burn 20 calories. Bonus: It’ll make you look super important.

Wherever you drive to, park far away.
Make sure you aren’t running late by planning ahead of time. And remember, an extra 10 minutes of quick walking can burn around 41 calories.

Take the stairs, NOT the elevator.
If you have regular access to stairs, this trick is simple and extremely effective. Just five minutes of stair climbing will help you burn around 48 calories.  Climbing stairs is also a great workout for your legs and glutes!

Only make phone calls when you’re in motion.
Is that your mom calling? Best friend?  Take it outside and go for a walk while chatting or consider pacing around your apartment. A 20-minute call while walking at a moderate pace will burn about 71 calories.

While grocery shopping, use a basket instead of a cart.
This trick is especially useful if you’re on a heavy duty grocery shopping trip. The more you have in your basket, the more of a subtle workout you’ll get. Carrying a heavy basket of food for 20 minutes will burn about 64 calories – just make sure you switch arms to get an equal workout on both sides.

Wash your dishes by hand.
Seriously!  Some of us don’t have a choice, but if you’re going to be doing this chore anyways, it’s nice to know you’re getting an extra benefit from all of that elbow grease—10 minutes of general cleaning will burn about 32 calories.

Stand Up.
Much attention has been paid recently to the detrimental effects of sitting for long periods of time. While many of us work wholly sedentary jobs, we can usually find excuses to stand and walk around more often.  A lot of workplaces will even accommodate a standing workstation!   Make sure to leave for lunch (even if it’s just for a few minutes) to stand up and walk around a bit.   Power walk if you can!   The simple act of standing instead of sitting may help you burn 20 – 50 more calories per hour, depending on your size.

Own your day!

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