Keep Your Fitness Goals Alive this Halloween!

31 Oct

It’s here!  Halloween Day – and all of the treats and sugar that goes with it.  You don’t have to let these scary calories kill your diet.  Armed with some knowledge and a little self-control, you and your healthy lifestyle can survive the wicked onslaught!   c9152d6e4702028bd2fe4758252d9e63

Pre-Halloween Preparation

Have some fun and get active with a Halloween-Themed circuit!  If you can’t make it to the Studio (or even if you can and just want a little bit extra goodness), try this:

  • Warm up with a “black cat” (cat cow) stretch.  Take your time and do as many as you need to get ready for the next exercise!
  • SPIDER-man push ups; do two sets of 10 reps – engage the whole body and get your heart pumping!
  • The Bug!  Do two sets of 10 reps and work both the front and back of your body – including your core.
  • Mummy Kicks” with extended arms – do your kicks for 30 seconds, take a 10-second break, and repeat three more times for a total of two minutes.
  • Cool down with a “corpse pose” – lay flat on your mat (or floor) in a relaxed position, arms and legs outstretched, and just breathe.  Take as much time as you need to cool down.

Treating Time

  • Drink a bottle (OF WATER): Staying well hydrated can help you control your sweet cravings and keep you full so you aren’t hunting for another treat.  This also has the added benefit of rinsing down the sugar and protecting your teeth.
  • Eat (CHOCOLATE DOESN’T COUNT):  Fill up on a healthy, balanced meal made with veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. The protein and fiber in your meal will make you more satisfied and less likely to sneak treats. If you’re going to a grown-up Halloween party, eating before you start drinking is key to not overindulging.
  • Have healthy snacks ready to go:  Instead of sugary candy, you can easily munch on trail mix, cheese crackers, individual fruit cups, or animal crackers.  You don’t have to skip the snacks, just make sure they have nutritional value!
  • Choose Wisely:  You don’t have to completely forgo the treats – after all, this is a holiday.  Just make sure that when you do indulge, you make it worth it.  If your favorite is the tiny Snickers, grab 2 – 3 and skip on the rest of the stash – those calories add up quickly.

Post- Treating Movie Time

You’ve tricked.  You’ve treated.  Now it’s time to enjoy your favorite scary movie!  But wait, this is a party – we have to make this exciting.  How about a drinking game?  “Sounds great, but what about all that you just said about being healthy, Dayna?”  Oh, I’m not talking about shots – I’m talking about SQUATS!

I present to you the Scary Movie Fitness Challenge!   <- (Click on the link to print)

  1. The car doesn’t start: 10 bicycles
  2. Someone can’t make a phone call: 15 jumping jacks
  3. Someone runs away: Run in place, 30 seconds
  4. Someone falls down while running: Run in place, 60 seconds (don’t fall down)
  5. There’s a loud noise, but nothing bad happens: 1 tuck jump
  6. There’s a loud noise, and something bad DOES happen: 10 sit ups
  7. Someone does something unquestionably stupid: 10 burpees
  8. Someone misses a clear opportunity to be rescued/save the day/escape: Hold a 45 second plank
  9. Ghost, zombie, monster, or mythological creature appears: Hold a 15 second plank
  10. A group of people splits up: 10 reverse lunges
  11. Someone screams: 10 russian twists
  12. Someone is attacked: 5 push-ups
  13. Gory scene: 20 lunges
  14. Someone dies: 20 squats
  15. Someone you thought died is actually the killer: 10 squats per death
  16. The killer/villain dies: Victory dance
  17. The ending hints at a sequel or has a cliffhanger: 15 mountain climbers

With a little planning, preparation, and perseverance – you’ll slay Halloween and crush your fitness goals at the same time!   Have a happy, safe, and healthy holiday!  

PX Studio


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