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Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Detox Smoothie

28 Nov

detox21Happy Post-Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family!  If you’re like most of us, you may have “slightly” overindulged for a day, a few days… okay fine, the whole week.  Well, today is the start of a new week and time to push the reset button on your body!  If your system is sluggish from a few days of excess, this green detox smoothie will kick start the tune up and clear out the stored toxins overwhelming your system.

“Detoxing is not rocket science. It’s not about complicated diets, food restrictions, deprivations or strict schedules. Your body has its own ways to heal and detox, and it does so every single day through perspiration, respiration, bowel elimination and urination – it only needs the right foods to help clear out the stored toxins. And the good news is that most of them are perfect smoothie ingredients.”

These ingredients are total super stars when it comes to detoxing and the best thing of all is that they all go perfectly into one easy smoothie that you can drink at home or on-the-go!

  • Lemons – stimulate digestion and the release of enzymes that neutralize toxins, converting them in a water-soluble form
  • Apples – contain pectin, which is a soluble fiber that retains the toxins in the colon and flushes them out;
  • Green Veggies  and Sea Algae – the magic word is chlorophyll, the powerful nutrient that starts the detox process, cleaning your body of heavy metals, pesticides and other environmental toxins; the most powerful green veggies are: cucumber, broccoli and dandelions, as for the sea algae consider chlorella and spirulina;
  • Green Leafy Vegetables – are high in fibers, potassium and antioxidants, the main ingredients for a healthy liver and digestive system; make sure you eat plenty of kale, spinach, celery, chard, turnips, romaine, mangold;
  • Green Tea – contains nutrients called polyphenols, with a strong antioxidant effect, helping your body to fight against free-radicals
  • Bee Pollen – is packed with nutrients that nourish the liver and reinstate your body’s natural equilibrium, helping it to naturally detox

Now how about that smoothie recipe:


1 ripe banana (you can substitute mango or avocado if bananas aren’t your thing)
1 tablespoon bee pollen
2 teaspoons spirulina powder
1 green apple, cut in cubes
½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
1 cup spinach leaves
1 cucumber, cut in cubes
½ cup almond milk (or soy, depending on your tastes)

-Add all ingredients in the blender and process until creamy.
-Drink right away! (Serves 2)

Enjoy and let’s get your system back in fighting condition!  See you at the Studio (after you drink your smoothie, of course)!

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Cultivating Thankfulness

21 Nov


Thankfulness.  Gratitude.  We throw words around like that all the time, but what do they truly mean?  How do we express them?  How do we SHOW them?  These terms can mean many things to many people and everyone may show them in a different way.   One thing is for certain though – no matter how difficult the challenges we face and struggles we manage, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

Thankfulness can be thought of in two different ways:  short term (being thankful in the moment) and long term (being thankful for the foreseeable future and beyond).   If you find it difficult (as a lot of us do) to consistently look at life in this perspective, there are quite a few ways in which you can cultivate your thankfulness and create a lifestyle of gratitude.

PART ONE – Long Term

  1. Keep A Journal:  Reminding yourself what you have to be grateful for and recording your gratefulness each day helps to cement how thankful you are. It doesn’t matter how difficult your life is at the moment, there is always something to be thankful for.
  2. Flip Your Thinking:  People who are thankful for the things in their lives aren’t living an easier life than you. In fact, many of the people who practicing the most gratitude are the people who have had incredibly difficult things happen to them because they understand that it isn’t the situation that’s the problem, it’s how you think about the situation that makes it easier or more difficult.
  3. Enjoy A Healthy Lifestyle:  Give thankfulness a boost by cultivating a healthy lifestyle for yourself by getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating in a way that fosters your well-being, and exercising (which helps to regulate your moods and make you feel better).
  4. Smile More: Scientists have found that smiling on purpose can help people feel better. Just the simple act of putting a smile on your face (as well as seeing another person smile) can lead you to feel actual happiness, joy, or amusement. Smiling on purpose changes brain chemistry.

PART TWO – In The Moment

  1. Take A Break:  Sometimes a good way to get you back on track and feeling better is to take a break. You’ll need to create things to be grateful for, sometimes, and a break can be a good one.  Go outside and take a walk.  Go on a vacation and recharge.
  2. Tell Someone You Appreciate Them:  So often life gets busy and you forget to tell people that they matter, that you’ve noticed what they do, and it means a lot to you. People will remember you more fondly if you thank them. It will cultivate an atmosphere of thankfulness that can spread out gradually.
  3. Say Thank You:  Speaking the words aloud can help cement the feeling of gratitude in your life. Not only that, but it helps others to know that you are thankful for the things that they have done for you. It can also help get you back on track when you’re starting to feel anxious or stressed by the things going on around you and in the world.
  4. Give Back:   Being thankful isn’t just about telling people you are thankful, it’s also about giving back to your community and to your friends.  Do something for the people in your life who have helped you. You don’t have to tell them that you’re doings something for them because they’ve done something for you.  Do something for people you don’t know. Sometimes people do things for you that you can’t easily repay, but you can pay the kindness forward.

It isn’t just around the holidays that we need to perpetuate the feelings and acts of thankfulness and gratitude.  The upcoming festivities are a great reminder – but it’s what you do/say/show the REST of the days that truly matters.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  🙂

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Be Thankful for Health!

14 Nov


Can you believe it?  It’s already the middle of November and you know what that means! In just a couple of short weeks, Thanksgiving will be upon us!   Thanksgiving has always been one of my most favorite holidays – the time with family and friends, the celebrating, and of course, the food.  With all of the festivities, it’s easy to go overboard with calories and over-consumption.  The delicious temptations on the plate and in your glass make it seem impossible to be disciplined – but you CAN win that battle!  Follow these quick tips and you (and your healthy lifestyle) won’t suffer a bit:

  1. Start your morning with a healthy walk!  Get moving and start burning those calories first thing!   You’ll be all the more thankful that you did later on.
  2. Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast!  This will keep you from over-indulging on snacks and dinner!
  3. Set your goals!  Remind yourself of your ultimate vision – a leaner you, a healthier you, a happier you. Julia Child (of all people) said it best: “Life is the proper binge.”
  4. Drink lots of water!  Many times when people think they are hungry, they are actually just thirsty. By drinking lots of water throughout the day, you’ll lower the risk of overeating.
  5. Divide your plate well!  Fill your plate half with vegetables, one quarter with white turkey meat, and the rest with a healthy starch, like corn on the cob, a baked potato, or sweet potatoes.
  6. Savor each and every bite!  Eat slowly and really savor each mouthful. It’s one of the easiest ways to enjoy your holiday meal without going overboard on calories.
  7. About that dessert… It’s a holiday, so indulge a bit if your diet allows it. But if you’re going to eat dessert, make sure you allot for the calories elsewhere – don’t go back for that second helping of marshmallow sweet potatoes.  If you’re going for the pie, pick fruit or pumpkin pies because they tend to have fewer calories than chocolate or pecan pies.
  8. Finally – end your day like you started – go for a walk!  After dinner, suggest everyone go out (if the weather permits) for a neighborhood stroll. What a wonderful way for families to enjoy the holiday together.

Remember, it’s a holiday!  No, you probably won’t eat perfectly (and that’s okay).  Don’t worry too much about it – enjoy the day,  but don’t lose yourself in the over-indulging cycle!  How you eat on Thanksgiving Day does not determine your health; how you eat the other 364 days of the year does. 

And when all is said and done – I’ll see you right back at the Studio, working on your fitness.   🙂

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Vintage Pilates (Pilates 101)

7 Nov


Also known as “classical pilates”, “contrology”, or “mat pilates”.  Anyone who does pilates has heard of the founder, Joseph Pilates – but how much do you really know about why he created the specific pilates exercises (34 to be exact) that he did and put them in their very specific order?

It was 1954 and  Joseph Pilates was 59 going on 60 when he demonstrated these poses and coined “pilates” as a fitness term.   He published a book entitled “Return to Life through Contrology”.  Within it, 34 classic mat work exercises which are at the heart of any pilates routine.  The moves he designed focus on core muscles in the “powerhouse” (abs, pelvic floor, lower back), proper alignment of the spine, and awareness of breath.

Joseph Pilates created this order of exercise to go through a sequence that he believed to be logical and appropriate. It first warms up the body, a principle common for all exercise programs. Then it progresses to more challenging exercises once the body is warmed up and ready for them. Finally, it progresses into cool down exercises before the end of the session. It also ensures all areas of the body are targeted in every position, first with gravity and body weight and then against it.

A classical pilates teacher will follow this order of exercises, but will pick and choose from the list to match the abilities of the student. For beginners, the more fundamental exercises will be done in classical order. For more advanced students and those who are ready for a challenge, the intermediate level, and advanced exercises will be chosen.  Each exercise can be modified to meet the level of the student and can also include equipment such as exercise balls, fitness bands, and the magic circle.

Without further ado, here are the 34 classic pilates exercises, in proper sequence!  You will surely recognize them (or variations of them) from your classes at Pilates X.   Examples and tutorials of each of these exercises can be found by clicking here and choosing which exercise you would like to learn about.  The best practice of course, comes from including your Pilates X classes consistently in your fitness routine, but refreshers in between are always recommended!og34exercises

Joseph Pilates said it best himself:  “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness…[and] everyone is the architect of their own happiness.”   See you at the Studio!

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